For a $75.00 consultation fee we visit with you on site to discuss your landscape needs. We start the consultation by listening to your ideas and desires. After some Q&A, we begin integrating your ideas and desires with our experience and develop a comprehensive landscape program that begins to fashion your dreams into reality. Depending on your budget, this program may be a phased approach or the complete package.


You should plan on setting aside part of your budget for landscape design services. The importance of the design process cannot be sufficiently emphasized. A design takes some of the conjecture out of the process and allows us to convey our ideas to you graphically. We take great pride in properly estimating a job. Our estimates are thorough and highly researched. By listening to you, taking measurements, photographs, and drafting a detailed proposal, we can accurately explain what work will be done, how we intend to do the work, and how much the work will cost. We believe this groundwork will form the basis for a solid relationship.